4 Patterns to Develop as a Writer

Smart men always say the more skills you have, the better. Writing is one of those elusive talents you have to improve day by day. Even if you have a natural aptitude to commit to paper, without proper progress your level will stay the same.

Are you a good writer? Are you looking to boost your skillset or are you just interested to attain enough abilities to produce decent college essays? Because, you know, just in case, professional writers earn good money contributing to online magazines, blogs and classic periodicals.

But, despite the writing path you’re going to choose, there are 4 of them, and you should really familiarize yourself to each and every. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the one required to move the needle on for your career as a writer (or as a student).

Pattern 1 – Cope with what is required from you at school or college

As a student, you face thousands of essays, reports and other research papers. Now, answer honestly – do you use services that write customized essays? C’mon, we won’t tell anyone, it’s just you do have to put a finger on all the written assignments out there by yourself. If you don’t do it, your future employer will be quite amazed by how you are incapable of fetching a simple monthly report or whatever.

Yeah, you might’ve already heard every fourth student orders essays on the Internet, but you’re obviously cut from a different cloth. Remember, in case you’re not considering to engage into any other writing activity rather than those designed for academic purposes, cope with your papers on your own. Only in such case you’ll be improving, not lagging behind.

Pattern 2 – Run a blog or be an active social networker

You’ll be amazed to hear it, but not every student has a Facebook or Twitter account. As shocking as it is, such young minds do exist, and they do deprive themselves of the pleasures of internet blogging. Anyhow…

To start with, get yourself a Facebook account and reach out to friends. The great thing is, you can write either long posts or short, all featuring your speculations on a certain topic, thoughts, ideas, etc. When you become good at it, you should consider creating your own blog and publish whatever bright ideas there are in your head in a written form.

Basically, a standard essay has more in common with blogging than you might’ve ever thought. Just see for yourself: both are relatively short pieces, both dwell upon a certain idea and have to contain original ideas in order to score, both consists of introduction, main copy and conclusion, and both have to feature consistent language, so readers could actually understand a thing or two.

Pattern 3 – Go for copywriting to earn money

Given you have talent and skills sufficient enough, you can start earning money by what you write. Copywriting is a tricky thing, though. Tell everyone you’re a student, no one will ever pay you a fair rate. But, tell your clients you’re a thirty-year-old marketing guru, they’ll engolden you for good.

That’s why, in case you want to earn as a copywriter still being a college student, unraveling your identity isn’t a quite sane idea. But since the Internet offers a spacious room for staying incognito, be smart and think of a believable legend about who you are (just don’t tell everyone you’re a student!).

Like being a copywriter? Don’t forget to read professional literature, as it contains a lot of insightful hints and tips you didn’t even think they even exist.

Pattern 4 – Embark upon an apex writer’s path

Write a book. As simple as that, write a book, publish it and rightfully call yourself a writer. Write a fiction novel, write a horror, write a book of poems, just write something that’ll bring you fame and glory.

The funny thing here is, no great writer ever wished to become a great writer. It just happened so that at one particular moment in their life they had found themselves writing something that in a couple of years or decades will become the world’s reading bestseller.

Looking for hints? There are none. The thing has to go from the deepest deeps of your soul, as only under such circumstances you’ll succeed. Even occupied as an expert in some other field, you can always devote a couple of hours to writing, practically all renowned writers did so. Will you become one of them? Go write something, and we’ll see…