Academic Writing Pattern that Increases Your Rating on Credit

Today many students look for magic academic essay patterns that will help write better papers faster. The fact is that there’s no ultimate paper writing pattern for each student, but here are three major ones for you to choose from.

That’s right. You switch off the Internet, turn off all mobile devices, curtain off the room, and sit down to hours of fascinating composition writing. It’s the most difficult way to go and the most tedious pattern to follow. But if your teacher is a super demanding kind, this work pays off the best.

Surrounded by textbooks and notes, you won’t stand up from your work desk until a neatly looking five-page piece is written, correctly referenced, and thoroughly proofread.

Pattern Two. The one with the Internet turned ON

With a good template in front of your eyes, you can succeed more likely than just having good writing skills. So, find an example essay on a similar topic and study it from A to Z. Learn about the techniques the original author used and the structure he applied.

Pattern Third. A shadowy one (for your own consideration)

Innocent till proven guilty. It’s possible to rearrange or rewrite the sentences you, let us say, borrowed from other papers so that plagiarism software stayed blind to it. Yes, it takes some skill and effort to do the thing right, but sometimes this pattern literally saves your evening.

A little bit information about pomegranate?

Fresh pomegranate juice has a sweet-sour taste with shade astringent notes. The following discussion focuses only on the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, and do not shop so we do not know that and in what proportions we manufacturers have poured into the bottle.


Amino acids are a necessary component for the functioning of our body. The pomegranate juice them 15 species, making it one of the most useful and rich sources of amino acids for humans.

One of the main properties of the juice is – cleansing of the body. Thanks to antioxidants, which contain a lot of garnet.

Can I eat a pomegranate with seeds?

There are no specific rules. This way you like. No harm. Pomegranate kernels – is a source of fiber, vegetable analogue of estrogen and essential oils, taking them, you will forget about many diseases.

However, children (under 10 years) is still not advisable to swallow due to the fact that the body has not been formed until the end, and can send them in an appendix.

Interesting facts

The usefulness of pomegranate juice exceeds apple, orange and pineapple.

One pomegranate fruit contains 40% of the required daily dose of vitamins for humans.

Do you lose weight? Pomegranate juice enters various diet because it helps fight obesity.

  • This is one of the most popular fruits in folk medicine.
  • In Greek mythology, it was the food of the gods. His image also found in the Egyptian pyramids. “The fruit of paradise” – it is also about it.
  • The antioxidants in pomegranate more than in green tea.

Benefits and harms of pomegranate

As can be seen from the chemical composition – in pomegranate contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

It is worth noting that the pomegranate tree lived an average of 100 years, and will not bloom if it fell a small amount of sunlight. Despite the fact that the Russian grenades known not so long ago, he managed to win a lot of popularity. Mainly thanks to a unique sweet-sour taste there is a tremendous amount of useful features. Benefits and harms of pomegranate are never-ending.

About the Author: Lilly Gerty is a blogger. She writes about healthy lifestyle at “write my assignment”. She is interested in different sport activities. She is from NY. She studies at the university in order to become a coach.

View on Ashford School

• Location Ashford, graftstvo Kent, England
• Programs Hachalnaya School, GCSE / IGCSE, A-Level
• Quantities of 450 students
• Number of students in the B & B 140
• Type of school The joint training
• Age 3 – 18 years + activities for children from 3 months to 3 years
• Pension with 10 years
• Tuition Pension: 33 000 GBP

Head of school

Headmaster Mr. Michael Bachanen is a graduate of King’s College, London, formerly taught physics at these colleges. Handsome and charming Bachanen is interested in physics, sports, and choral music. He teaches at Ashford and occasionally judges sporting events.

Sport and Creativity

Sport in Ashford School is a necessary part of learning, and some students even have the potential to participate in the Olympic games. The girls play netball, rugby, hockey and tennis. Boys mainly play rugby, hockey and cricket. The program of sports activities was in-built into the schedule with a minimum amount of mandatory activities for everyone: all they are offered (nearly 80). Until 9th grade students learn cooking – cooking and consumption of healthy food. The students will acquire entrepreneurial ability with the help of the developed scheme of Young Entrepreneurs program for the prize of the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as team-building tasks. In the last week of the year they orginize the famous school Arts Festival.

Art work comes in Ashford School in full swing: in the exhibit hall, clay figurines, textiles, ceramics and shoes made of papier-mache. In 2009, many students received “A” on the exam A-Level art, and three were in the top ten in the country.

The head of the music department is a teacher who turned upsidedown the musical life of the school. Every two weeks Ashford holds big concerts. All the students seem to be on stage. Each year, students who have chosen GCSE or A-Level music, participates in domestic music competitions and performances. School students learn themselves and do not use the online service on request do my homework for money. Girls and boys are involved in the Canterbury Festival, sometimes they go to play on the streets of local towns, or act in a local hospice. Pupil Ashford even won the role in the latest Harry Potter film.

In recent years, 15% of graduates Ashford School come steadily into one of the ten best universities in the world, many people choose London and other top universities, a lot of graduates each year go to art college.

About the Author: Anna Beret is a student. She is from Alaska.

Tips On Staying Focused


  1. Be around people. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be talking to them all the time, but having a company of like-minded individuals by your side, who are cramming for finals just as you do will help you concentrate. Get a breath of fresh air and choose an outdoor café as your dream destination. You can combine revising and reward yourself with the drink when you are finished. U.S. students choose Starbucks as their ultimate study place. It’s cozy and allows you to mind your own business as long as you order something from them.
  2. Use services like to finish the task. If you are running out of time and need desperate measures to do homework without missing the deadline, it’s just what you need. The site provides a full range of academic services, from editing to free revision, and has a plagiarism scan that works well for college papers and essay writing. Besides, you get money back guarantee as soon as you fill out the order form and get to know your writer in process. It’s reliable and tested by hundreds of users, who are trying to get good grades just like you!
  3. Fall in love with color. As you start writing your essay, make notes with colorful highlighters. You can use color coding for your calendar, planner and organizer as well. It allows you to manipulate information without getting distracted and helps you stay focused. If you have a topic name, you can mark it with red, and use green for definitions and terms. Things you should know can be highlighted in blue colors and familiar information looks well in violet. It may not be useful for some students who prefer a more classy system, but for artists at heart it may be a perfect method.
  4. Procrastinating isn’t just doing nothing. You can do math instead of writing and it will still be procrastination. If you have to write a custom paper and make your bed instead, it is procrastination. So make sure you went about your daily chores before you sit down to work, or even mopping the floor would seem like a nice job to do! The key element to avoid this is to organize your working space so that your desk is not cluttered and you know where you can find your textbook and a pen.
  5. Hide your gadgets away, it’s time for action. Desperate times – desperate measures. As you log out of your Facebook account, you will realize there is still plenty of time. Scrolling through the news feed may seem like an innocent pastime, but it literally consumes a huge amount of your time. You can reward yourself later and log in again, but that shouldn’t happen prior the main task. Set a goal that will motivate you and try to keep it in mind as you revise.

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Psychoanalysis as a therapy method was introduced by Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud more than a hundred years ago. Back then, its main goal was to understand how human mind operates. Freud was the first therapist who started to listen to his patients in a special way. He made a suggestion that human behavior is influenced by unconscious mind.

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