Academic Writing Pattern that Increases Your Rating on Credit

Today many students look for magic academic essay patterns that will help write better papers faster. The fact is that there’s no ultimate paper writing pattern for each student, but here are three major ones for you to choose from.

That’s right. You switch off the Internet, turn off all mobile devices, curtain off the room, and sit down to hours of fascinating composition writing. It’s the most difficult way to go and the most tedious pattern to follow. But if your teacher is a super demanding kind, this work pays off the best.

Surrounded by textbooks and notes, you won’t stand up from your work desk until a neatly looking five-page piece is written, correctly referenced, and thoroughly proofread.

Pattern Two. The one with the Internet turned ON

With a good template in front of your eyes, you can succeed more likely than just having good writing skills. So, find an example essay on a similar topic and study it from A to Z. Learn about the techniques the original author used and the structure he applied.

Pattern Third. A shadowy one (for your own consideration)

Innocent till proven guilty. It’s possible to rearrange or rewrite the sentences you, let us say, borrowed from other papers so that plagiarism software stayed blind to it. Yes, it takes some skill and effort to do the thing right, but sometimes this pattern literally saves your evening.

What Are Patterns in Sociology?

Imagine a mother of four. She wakes up early, prepares her husband for work and her kids for school, does shopping, does laundry, does cleaning, takes the kids back from school, etc. Mother here is a social unit, and her actions, worldview and system of values are determined by the social pattern of an American mother she follows in her everyday life. Continue reading

Literary Essay Structure – Cause and Effect Pattern

Before digging into the question of cause and effect pattern, it’s important to understand the difference between reviewing and writing a literary essay itself. The first is about dwelling upon validity and an overall effect of a certain work, whereas the second is more about details paying some undivided attention to structure, characters, message, theme, language, style, subtext, cultural impact, etc. Continue reading

4 Patterns to Develop as a Writer

Smart men always say the more skills you have, the better. Writing is one of those elusive talents you have to improve day by day. Even if you have a natural aptitude to commit to paper, without proper progress your level will stay the same. Continue reading

Outline for a Persuasive Essay

Essay writing pattern is one of those things each student face during his educational years. Outline for essay writing is an extremely important part of any essay to be considered. It can even be evaluated as student’s manual or best friend rather than boring guidelines. Outline is like an advisor that makes everything regarding paper writing as clear as possible. Continue reading

Technical Guidance on Adding More RAM to a 27-inch iMac

Adding more RAM is the most feasible solution to speed up your iMac. And there is no need to go to the service center, as you can install RAM on your own in the comfort of your home.

This guide is going to describe a step-by-step procedure of installing RAM on a 27-inch iMac:

  1. First of all, if you have been working with your iMac, power it off and let it cool down for about ten or fifteen minutes.
  2. Then plug out the power cord and all other cables.
  3. After that, put a clean cloth on a smooth surface and lay your iMac face down on this cloth.
  4. When ready, press a button above the AC port to open the memory compartment.
  5. Then eject the memory compartment door.
  6. After that, release the memory cage by pushing the two levers outward.
  7. Then put the memory cage levers towards yourself to get access to the DIMM (dual inline memory module) slots.
  8. After that, pull the module straight up and out to remove a DIMM.
  9. Then set a new module into the slot by pushing it until you hear a click sound. Please note that the notch at the bottom of the DIMM should be correctly oriented (either towards the right or towards the left).
  10. After you install all the modules, push back the memory cage levers until you hear a click sound.
  11. Then place back the memory compartment door without pressing the button.
  12. After that, return your iMac back to the upright position.
  13. Finally, plug in all the cables and start your iMac.


As a result of adding more RAM, your 27-inch iMac will be running twice as faster as before. However, there’s also an alternative way of speeding up your Mac. Instead of adding new RAM, you can free up the resources of the existing RAM with special memory optimization apps, such as MacKeeper MemoryKeeper. To learn more about MemoryKeeper and how to use it, please read this review. Good luck!