Outline for a Persuasive Essay

Essay writing pattern is one of those things each student face during his educational years. Outline for essay writing is an extremely important part of any essay to be considered. It can even be evaluated as student’s manual or best friend rather than boring guidelines. Outline is like an advisor that makes everything regarding paper writing as clear as possible.

An outline comes immediately after preparatory stage. Before developing this part, the student has to think of the idea with the help of brainstorming, searching or conducting a survey. When the topic is set by the teacher, there is no need to select one – it’s all in your head. However, in most cases it is better to choose the subject of your experience rather than receiving a complicated task from the instructor. Anyway, after that you have to generate all possible ideas you might want to include in your writing. It’s crucial to list them down in the form of the thesis not to overload your piece with messy information further.

Now, it’s time to create your outline. Have you ever used a map to find a way out or to reach a particular destination? Imagine you have to lead one sentence of your introduction to the last paragraph by passing three other sections, so that this little piece is not lost. The idea is to match first section with the last one by saving the crux of the matter. Build a clear plan for this tiny man in the shape of a thesis statement. Don’t get it lost in the forest of wordiness.

With the help of the framework, the author will be able to see the category of his text with the main points highlighted so that his writing makes sense. It helps in the way that a student can look at the cheat sheet any time to recall the idea he has to present instead of developing insignificant content.

While gathering information, pick us all the sources related to your subject. Make some references on this cheat sheet (or outline). Later, you won’t have to search for the necessary information in panic. It is especially crucial for persuasive essay writing prompts. Writing a persuasive essay takes more time to find enough evidence to support the author’s argument. Besides, all the listed sources have to be credible. Without a well-structured outline, it will turn all over the map.

As for the persuasive papers, pretend you are a lawyer for a day, and you should argue some case before a jury. It would be easier for guys attending law classes, but it might cause problems for those who have never participated in debates before. You have a choice of supporting either “for” or “against” side of the discussion. It is important to know that a persuasive essay must always contain two sides of the coin. You might support one, but another still has to be mentioned and shortly described. Then, it would be more convenient to support one side when compared to the opposite.

The key points of writing an excellent persuasive essay are conducting wide research by looking for reliable sources, staying aware of the reader’s biases, and having a keen understanding of both sides of the topic.

The themes of persuasive essays are often based on real-life issues. Sometimes, they sound the same way as typical polls do. For instance, “The college board is having hot debates on whether or not to forbid any electronic devices usage during the sessions. They believe it distracts students from the learning process and makes it possible for them to cheat. Think of the side that you support and write a short paper convincing to adopt your position.”

Just after the process of proofreading and editing (never submit your work without taking this step – you risk looking fool!) Except for essential components such as grammar, don’t forget improving your overall writing style and clarity. Having mom or dad reading it before is also useful.

Don’t be afraid to get a negative feedback for the first time. After all, sharing a persuasive essay with any audience is both exciting and edifying.