Quick Writing Essay Tips

Are you struggling with all the writing assignments you have to submit on time? Are you tired of pulling an all-nighter just to finish a two-page essay?

Don’t worry, we have something that will help you do it faster and easier, namely recommendations from our best writers who managed to graduate with honors, date hot girls and play football at the same time.

R1: Start writing with description of your day. Seriously, just write, ‘I got up at seven o’clock, took a shower and had my coffee’. As you move through your day, you will get more used to using a pen and thus start feeling more relaxed at writing. It is always easily perceived by readers when a writer is writing out of coercion: his words are clumsy and falling apart. If you immerse yourself into the writing trance by simply writing something (e.g. describing your morning routines), by the time you start writing something meaningful your brain will be flexed and ready for some elegant writing.

– Ron

R2: At least once, try writing at the time you are not used to. If you do college things in the morning, try writing at night, and vice versa. You might be surprised at how your body pulls secret resources and come up with wildest yet extremely creative ideas.

– Ronda

R3: It’s probably not what you expect to find in college scholarship essay tips, but I once used parchment and a quill. Seriously, when you feel that your every word is scratched into the soft parchment surface, and there’s no way back, you start appreciating them. It’s not what I would practice on a regular basis, but experimenting with writing tools might have unexpected results.

– Maria

R4: As regards argumentative essay tips: pretend that you are arguing with a slightly drunk but very sophisticated friend. You do have to use persuasive and smart arguments, but you also have to make them VERY clear and understandable, so that his boozed brain could grasp them without extra help.

– Mark

Compare and Contrast Essay Tips

Want more advice from our writers? Here is what they have to say about compare and contrast essays:

When choosing appropriate subjects for compare and contrast essays, look for things that are VERY different: it is always easier to find things in common than differences in identical things.

– George

There is always one most important thing in common that dominate others. Your job is to identify it and build on it. If what you see is just a couple of characteristics of equal worth, than you are not being thorough enough.

– Jessica

It is always more reasonable to use the point-by-point structure over subject-by-subject* one. In the first case your reader will consume all the information gradually; in the second he will have to go back to the description of the first subject all the time, just to do the comparison itself.


There are lots to come. Follow our blog to find out more about methods and techniques used by the best and most experienced writers!

* In point-by-point structure, you describe one characteristic of both subjects of comparison and then move to the next characteristic. In subject-by-subject, you provide a full description of both subjects in turn.