Tips On Staying Focused


  1. Be around people. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be talking to them all the time, but having a company of like-minded individuals by your side, who are cramming for finals just as you do will help you concentrate. Get a breath of fresh air and choose an outdoor café as your dream destination. You can combine revising and reward yourself with the drink when you are finished. U.S. students choose Starbucks as their ultimate study place. It’s cozy and allows you to mind your own business as long as you order something from them.
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  3. Fall in love with color. As you start writing your essay, make notes with colorful highlighters. You can use color coding for your calendar, planner and organizer as well. It allows you to manipulate information without getting distracted and helps you stay focused. If you have a topic name, you can mark it with red, and use green for definitions and terms. Things you should know can be highlighted in blue colors and familiar information looks well in violet. It may not be useful for some students who prefer a more classy system, but for artists at heart it may be a perfect method.
  4. Procrastinating isn’t just doing nothing. You can do math instead of writing and it will still be procrastination. If you have to write a custom paper and make your bed instead, it is procrastination. So make sure you went about your daily chores before you sit down to work, or even mopping the floor would seem like a nice job to do! The key element to avoid this is to organize your working space so that your desk is not cluttered and you know where you can find your textbook and a pen.
  5. Hide your gadgets away, it’s time for action. Desperate times – desperate measures. As you log out of your Facebook account, you will realize there is still plenty of time. Scrolling through the news feed may seem like an innocent pastime, but it literally consumes a huge amount of your time. You can reward yourself later and log in again, but that shouldn’t happen prior the main task. Set a goal that will motivate you and try to keep it in mind as you revise.