View on Ashford School

• Location Ashford, graftstvo Kent, England
• Programs Hachalnaya School, GCSE / IGCSE, A-Level
• Quantities of 450 students
• Number of students in the B & B 140
• Type of school The joint training
• Age 3 – 18 years + activities for children from 3 months to 3 years
• Pension with 10 years
• Tuition Pension: 33 000 GBP

Head of school

Headmaster Mr. Michael Bachanen is a graduate of King’s College, London, formerly taught physics at these colleges. Handsome and charming Bachanen is interested in physics, sports, and choral music. He teaches at Ashford and occasionally judges sporting events.

Sport and Creativity

Sport in Ashford School is a necessary part of learning, and some students even have the potential to participate in the Olympic games. The girls play netball, rugby, hockey and tennis. Boys mainly play rugby, hockey and cricket. The program of sports activities was in-built into the schedule with a minimum amount of mandatory activities for everyone: all they are offered (nearly 80). Until 9th grade students learn cooking – cooking and consumption of healthy food. The students will acquire entrepreneurial ability with the help of the developed scheme of Young Entrepreneurs program for the prize of the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as team-building tasks. In the last week of the year they orginize the famous school Arts Festival.

Art work comes in Ashford School in full swing: in the exhibit hall, clay figurines, textiles, ceramics and shoes made of papier-mache. In 2009, many students received “A” on the exam A-Level art, and three were in the top ten in the country.

The head of the music department is a teacher who turned upsidedown the musical life of the school. Every two weeks Ashford holds big concerts. All the students seem to be on stage. Each year, students who have chosen GCSE or A-Level music, participates in domestic music competitions and performances. School students learn themselves and do not use the online service on request do my homework for money. Girls and boys are involved in the Canterbury Festival, sometimes they go to play on the streets of local towns, or act in a local hospice. Pupil Ashford even won the role in the latest Harry Potter film.

In recent years, 15% of graduates Ashford School come steadily into one of the ten best universities in the world, many people choose London and other top universities, a lot of graduates each year go to art college.

About the Author: Anna Beret is a student. She is from Alaska.